Vegan Event with Planted Cuisine


Los Angeles PLANETGOUT au rendez-vous 'des gourmets vegetariens'

A gourmet party organised by Andre and his team with the fresh products of the garden farm cooked by the chef Logan Call : A marvellous travel among vegetables and fruits from the season to taste!

Around the tree in the heart of the garden, a nice table was dressed, each plate

was a painting with forms colors, differents smells and flavours.

A mixed.of flowers, vegetables and fruits, savory from sugar & salty.

The fire develop warm conversation in tasting this creative meal, all vegan savours of course!...

Untill a surprising dessert chocolate with avocados...with a hot milk of cardamone...

A secret recipe and jam on a pancake, delicious! 

The guests were so happy to exchange about the taste of each plate...

The 5 senses really awake in tne nature! A great idea to communicate in an other way!

                      PRIVATE CULINARY EVENT
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