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Guide Expert of the Food and culinary Heritage


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From monday to saturday, 10h30 untill 17h00

* On sunday also possibilities on special Taste Tours



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1 Trip planetgout ?


    1.1 Chocolate or Marrons glacé/Caviar or Foie gras


    1.2 French discovery Region & specialties Gastronomy/Oenology, wine or beer


    1.3 Market & bistrot


   From 8 to 16 persons    depend on  your budget


2 Sensorial tastings the products you love ? iot depend when in the day ?


  Morning  or afternoon > Brunch - Workshop - Tea time


    From 8 to 16 persons for the same price for each visitor


   Lunch > Buffet   Evening > Diner


    From 25 to 60 persons  depend on  your budget


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Group from 4 to 40 persons according to the services


Group accompanied with a guide of the food,

oenological or culinary Heritage


Discovering famous French Houses 

Great meetings and typical characters


Always the best tastings of special products


Transport : by walk, berlin car or in nice limousine


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