Voyage Sensoriel Culinaire 


dans le Monde du Gout de la Gastronomie Française  


Evènementiel Sensoriel Culinaire 


Concept personnalisé au Chef, son histoire et son terroir


De la terre à l'assiette aux 5 sens


Un voyage sensoriel à la découverte du gout des produits et spécialités régionales


Dégustations des accords mets et vins 

selon la Culture de la Gastronomie & de l'Oenologie


Caesars Palace - Las Vegas - Nevada



Did you know that Last Vegas became a great place for gastronomy ?


A few hours away from Los it fabulous temple Romain,

there is especially a temple of the Taste





Quelques minutes de pur bonheur... Cliquez sur l'image


GUY SAVOY 4eme au CLASSEMENT des 10 meil
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Culinary Sensory Evening


in the 'Spirit of Guy SAVOY' 



Next  “Sense… sational” Dinner


Executive Chef : Nicolas Costagliola


 Tasting Menu with Véronique ANASTASIE


'To celebrate the Taste of Winter'


*on September 2024


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Restaurant Guy SAVOY  


Alain ALPE 


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GUY SAVOY Ambassador of Tourism in France, MICE ...

 Star chef, Guy Savoy, praised France in a video where he shares his passion and admiration for our country, while addressing a target "business" internationally.

Indeed, it refers throughout the video meeting with France, explaining his travels and journeys in the territory. It also reflects his love of French culture, and draws inspiration for its cuisine. This is an effective means of communication to encourage international event organizers!


GUY SAVOY RESTAURANT 13-20-012023 Caesa
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 Présentation of the



Restaurant ‘Guy SAVOY’  


In the heart of the Caesars Palace, the Temple of taste with its French gastronomy... of this great Restaurant 'Guy Savoy', we climbed to the summit of the pleasures with this 'Sense..sational Dinner', the 25 of march. An evening to "celebrate the nature in spring", dishes exceptional with true products; the orchestration of the quality services, with Alain Alpe the General Manager, in the way the french classement of UNESCO imposing 7 steps of delights : unforgetable emotions!


From the beginning, in the famous lounge of spirit...around a glass of a memorable Cocktail bring from the origin of Véronique Anastasie, a creation from the Limousin.. as you never have tasted in USA, since this moment, the 5 senses of the group were awake!

Alain Alpe, the General Manager present the trends of sensory new restaurants in the world, with 5 senses from the colors...the design ...and how the quality of the services in a meal, have an real impact on the reception during the tasting... and also why he is so pleased to be at 'the avant garde' to develop this kind of concept very original in Las Vegas,the first experience, in the Caesars Palace.


By the quality of the services and cooking teams, the dishes were exceptional! The guests have had the priviledge to appreciate what is a real service of 'un repas servi à la Française'!



> The film to enjoy France Gastronomy



Guy Savoy, a big boss cook and a great taster! In Autumn...


 Discover in photo this magnificent smell of Curcubitacae, presented in the pumpkin!                                        

In the Kitchen with the team cooking
The famous Guy Savoy
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Magic MENU & blind tastings


The Manager of the restaurant Alain Alpe and his team in your listening,


a service of exception rewarded with 5 * FORBES Travel Guide!


You are welcomed with a particular attention and all the protocol that it is necessary, an exercise completes some courtesy and the 'French-style' cooking, the attentions in each according to its tastes, from the American gastronome to the star of Las Vegas. The one who pushes the door of the flavors longs only to come back in this haven of peace 'from the beautiful, well done and good'. A French jewel of the Caesars Palace not to be missed in the middle of the tumult Las Vegas and of the crowd , what is worth to him a clientele of enthusiasts with lots of believers customers.  



  • Voted a 2015 Top 40 Restaurant in the U.S. by
  • Awarded One of Vegas' Most Romantic Restaurants by Thrillist
  • Wine Spectator magazine's Grand Award
  • Named to the 2007 Condé Nast Traveler "Hot 100" list.
  • Named one of the Top New Restaurants of 2006 by both Esquire and Travel + Leisure.
  • Two Stars, Michelin Guide 
  • Las Vegas 2009 Best French - Vegas 7
  • Named one of the world's 101 Best Hotel Restaurants  in the world in The Daily Meal's first annual list of 2012
  • Voted 2012 Restaurant of the Year by Desert Companion Magazine 



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 Souvenirs from The Chef Julien ASSEO


Marvelous dishes to taste....Bravo!!



The group of foodies has discovered really with passion how we eat in France, during all this Sensory & Taste Menu of Julien Asseo, an interactive animation based on blind tastings by the 5 senses, in the Spirit of Guy Savoy cooking.


It was a real enchantment for the sight, well done, by different technics cooking and always very good surprises in mouth, with each sensors to understand better, the pleasure of senses!

It was a real enchantment for the sight, well cooked, always a very good tasting.


For each dishes, they has been involved in an interactive animation, by the 5 senses, based on blind tastings,  to discover first themselves, their sensory capteurs, the quality of the products and the special recipes proposed in a design way. Thanks for this marvelous moment we enjoy in our cells, all together, and this kind of communion is rare in a life! 


That is the magic of the work of PLANETGOUT since 15 years to create these moments

for you, to be more on earth and be really alive!


The dinner 'SPIRIT of GUY SAVOY'



Theme evening Spirit of Guy SAVOY

      A beautiful idea of rare present, to please his friends or his customers.                                        A round of flavors, one moment of exception, we are so well!


A MENU structured on the classics of the Leader who made his fame!


To discover the assets of Guy SAVOY's sophisticated cuisine, putting the product at the heart of the taste. The cooking Chef Mathieu CHARTRON until November 2015 and from 2016, with Julien ASSEO, and now in 2024 the new executive Chef Nicolas Costagliola with his brigade proposes its Culture Taste, bound to our French Culinary Heritage.  His childhood in Burgundy, its history of the taste, with his passion for certain recipes. Sofas apéritifs, dream dishes in the culinary design, the perfect agreements in breads agreement in every dish and in wines, around the desserts; a stroll of the unforgettable taste. 


A real delight for the gourmets, your sensory sensors will be really spoiled!


Alain ALPE the director watches the perfection of a very well-kept service deserving of the Classification over Unesco, with a 'French-style' precious service. A moment to live unforgettable with this Tasting menu in mind of Guy SAVOY, to understand better and appreciate his kitchen, unique of delicious dish. A reference for Forbes organization as winner each year of the 5 stars!


A Sensory marking which will stay in you for a long time in memory,

what we call in France ?


The NEUROHAPPINESS thanks to the signature of this head 'colorful and in flavors'


The famous MENU on the web site of the last Sense...sational Dinner         

from November 2015 Caesars Palace to 2024!


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Original for a Group of 6 persons : THE KITCHEN EXPERIENCE with the CHEF!


 Seasonal produce are always on the basis of its cooking, the insurance of the freshness of a dish concocted in the minute, for which our body waits at the right time. An original concept, you are in the kitchen, participate in a course with the head and you eat on the spot in the cave secret of the knowledge taste, by savouring all the meal in the champagne KRUG, of course!


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Cooking course and demonstration in the kitchen,

Taste-meal Guided in close-up

Culinary Sensory Evening 


Sublime offerings to share with a direction of exception, enthusiasts of the service of the leader to his brigade, this GUY SAVOY prestigious restaurant, is to discover absolutely during your passage to Las Vegas, in CAESARS PALACE.


You can be sure to please really your guests!


       Group from 12 to 30 people on Las Vegas : different offers at Lunch & Dinner        Reserve at once your plane for a group tourists and for the affairs, RP, a meeting of gourmets, foodies.


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