Présentation of the Restaurant

‘Guy SAVOY’ Tasting Menu

Caesars Palace - Las Vegas - Nevada

Did you know that Last Vegas became a great place for gastronomy ? A few hours away from Los it fabulous temple Romain, there is especially a temple of the Taste! 



The Manager of the restaurant Alain Alpe and his team in your listening,

a service of exception rewarded with 5 * FORBES Travel Guide!



You are welcomed with a particular attention and all the protocol that it is necessary, an exercise completes some courtesy and the 'French-style' cooking, the attentions in each according to its tastes, from the American gastronome to the star of Las Vegas. The one who pushes the door of the flavors longs only to come back in this haven of peace 'from the beautiful, well done and good'. A French jewel of the Caesars Palace not to be missed in the middle of the tumult Las Vegas and of the crowd , what is worth to him a clientele of enthusiasts with lots of believers customers.  

Guy Savoy, a big boss cook and a big taster!   

   Discover in photo this magnificent smell of Cucurbitaceae, presented in the pumpkin!                                            

Original for a Group of 6 people  


 Seasonal produce are always on the basis of its cooking, the insurance of the freshness of a dish concocted in the minute, for which our body waits at the right time. An original concept, you are in the kitchen, participate in a course with the head and you eat on the spot in the cave secret of the knowledge taste, by savouring all the meal in the champagne KRUG, of course!                                               > Reservation with the animation Planetgout


Theme evening Spirit of Guy SAVOY

      A beautiful idea of rare present, to please his friends or his customers.                                        A round of flaveurs, one moment of exception, we are so well!


A MENU structured on the classics of the Leader who made his fame!


To discover the assets of Guy SAVOY's sophisticated cuisine, putting the product at the heart of the taste. The cooking Chef and his brigade proposes its Culture Taste, bound to our Culinary Heritage. His childhood in Burgundy, its history of the taste, with his passion for certain recipes. Sofas apéritifs, dream dishes in the culinary design, the perfect agreements in breads in agreement in every dish and in wines, around the desserts; a stroll of the unforgettable taste. 


A real delight for the gourmets, your sensory sensors will be really spoiled!



Alain ALPE the director watches the perfection of a very well-kept service deserving of the Classification over Unesco, with a 'French-style' precious service. A moment to live unforgettable with this Tasting menu in mind of Guy SAVOY, to understand better and appreciate his kitchen, unique of delicious dish.


A Sensory marking which will stay in you for a long time in memory, what we call in France :

The NEUROHAPPINESS thanks to the signature of this head ' colourful and in flavors '.

The dinner 'SPIRIT of GUY SAVOY'


Cooking course and demonstration in the kitchen, Taste-meal Guided in close-up

Culinary Sensory Evening 

Sublime offerings to share with a direction of exception, enthusiasts of the service of the leader to his brigade, this GUY SAVOY prestigious restaurant, is to discover absolutely during your passage to Las Vegas, in CAESARS PALACE. You can be sure to please really your guests!

                 Group from 8 to 30 people on Las Vegas : different offers at Lunch & Dinner                           Reserve at once your plane for a group tourists and for the affairs, RP, a meeting of gourmets, foodies.


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